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The CHEAPEST Party DJ Global Network is committed to offering you dirt cheap party DJs of variable quality and bitrates for your next event. *We currently offer same day service in the city of Melbourne and Stockholm, and only when we feel like it. With next day service offered in neighbouring cities.

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We can now stream our DJing over the web! Pump up your bakers with a 3am set full of bangers!
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Are you a Party DJ? We are always looking to expand our network. Consider becoming the cheapest party DJ in your city or town.

Email us at cheapestpartyDJs [at] hotmail dot com the fabled globe disco ball logo

Stockholm's CHEAPEST Party DJs


cafeciaojoe click here to hear cafeciaojoe play

Hi I'm cafeciaojoe, if it's on YouTube I can play it.

a DJ called cafeciaojoe

NoMe click here to hear NoMe play

High energy, sincere selections, NoMe will take you to the high heavens. Unmoor!

a DJ called NoMe


A worldwide selector, DJ ABC has 27 passports and plays bangers from all of them.

a DJ called ABC

Yann Seznec click here to hear Yann do cool shit

Think of something you have never thought of before, Yann has already turned it into a musical instrument.

a DJ called Yann Seznec

MC Hill

A perennial bedroom DJ, king of the kick ons.

a DJ called MC hill

Melbourne's CHEAPEST Party DJs


5PM Markdown click here to hear 5PM Markdown play

Bringing back the sounds of 2001 since 2002.

a DJ called 5PM Markdown

Oiber Zwalf

My philosophy to track selection is like an LCD Soundsystem farewell tour - probably one too many and getting worse.

a DJ called Oiber Zwalf

DJ Sloppy

Sloppy's the name and bangers are my game. Leave your inhibitions at the door!

image not available

piezo32 click here to hear Piezo 32 play

Book me for the 4am slot, you won't regret it.

image not available